The main station is Plaza de Armas, inaugurated in March 1992 on the occasion of the celebration in Seville Universal Exposition known as Expo 92, to give the city a bus terminal.

Address: Avda. Christ of the Expiration 2, 41001 Sevilla
Phone: 955038665 - To check times call recommend.

As for the bus transportation in Sevilla, include two lines operating in different parts:

  • Tussam, It is a public company belonging to the city of Seville, responsible for collective urban transport in the city.

To check routes and schedules: https://reddelineas.tussam.es/?lang=es

  • consortium Sevilla Metropolitan Area Transport, It responsible for transport outside the town of Sevilla.

To check routes and schedules: http://www.consorciotransportes-sevilla.com/lineas_pdf.php


It is often more comfortable ride for Sevilla move, and although there are several companies, all they have the same rates as they are regulated by the city of Sevilla. These fees vary depending on day and time.

Stops and radiotaxi

In all districts of Seville it is possible to find several taxi ranks, request by telephone or through the numbers listed below:

Taxi Sevilla: +34 645 230 197
Radio Taxi Giralda: +34 954 675 555
Tele Taxi Sevilla: +34 954 622 222
Radio taxi: +34 954 580 000

Train station

Sevilla- santa Justa
This is the first railway station in the Spanish city of Seville, inaugurated in May 1991. Their paths Long and Middle Distance, Sevilla connect with other national destinations like Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of Andalusia, as well as major city around the hispalense.

Address: Avda. Kansas City s/n, 41007 Sevilla
Schedule: Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 4.30 a 00.30 and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 5.15 a 00.30 h.
Station Information: 912432343
Renfe: 912320320
To check routes and schedules: https://www.renfe.com/viajeros/

Seville Airport - San Pablo

Sevilla International Airport, also known as San Pablo. Your code is SVQ and is managed by Aena, three kilometers from the city.
Airport Terminal consists of two levels, the ground floor and the first floor:
Low level: Arrivals
First floor: Departures. Have 42 check-in counters and gates K1 to K4, 1, 1ª, and of 2 a 11.
Address: A-4, Km. 532 – 41020 Sevilla
Phone: 954 449 000

How to move from / to Airport:

  • Bus:
    The buses operate from EA 05.20 a.m. until until 00.50 a.m. approximately. A single ticket is 4 euros. Travel time is approximately 35 minutes. More information:
    To go from Seville airport to the city center and vice versa, there is a line of urban bus transport (EA online) connecting the two points, with stops, including Santa Justa Station. The ticket can be purchased directly from the driver. stops: Airport – Kansas City – Santa Justa Station (AVE, train station) – Luis de Morales – Metro San Bernardo / RENFE – Avenida Carlos V (Gardens of the Prado) – Paseo Colón (where is the Tower of Gold) – Main Square (bus station).
    Phone information: 902459954
    In the airport, bus stop is outside the terminal, abroad. The bus stop in Seville is in the Square.
  • Taxi:
    It is the fastest way to reach the city center and vice versa, at the airport the stop is right in front of the terminal. Below we provide a list of taxi companies available at Seville Airport:
    Eurotaxis Seville: 658 904 289Taxi Sevilla Airport: 645 230 19
    Radiotaxi Giralda: 954 675 555
Radiotaxi: 954 580 000Teletaxi: 954 622 222
    If you want to move to or from Seville Airport by private transport, There is a wide selection of airport transfers available. You can book (gets the button to book transfer from our supplier).
  • Car:
    Seville airport is located 10 kilometers northeast of Seville. The A-4 / E-5 (Córdoba address – Madrid) connects to the airport (exit 533).
    If the address is Cordoba – Sevilla, the output corresponds to the 532.Desde the city of Cadiz and / or Huelva, you access the airport through the SE-30 to the junction with the A-4 / E-5. After, Take the exit 533.

Metro de Sevilla

The Seville metro is a light rail network that serves Sevilla and its metropolitan area and currently has an operating line inaugurated in 2009, and a total of 22 stations spread across four municipalities.

Metro de Sevilla Sociedad

Address: Calle Carmen Vendrell 2

Telephone Customer Care : 954 540 785

To view lines, times and seasons: www.metro-sevilla.es